Finding Your Wellness Motivations at Any Age

A Conversation with Joe Ames, Corporate Retiree turned CrossFit Game Champion


Get ready for some serious Motivation!


Whether you're in the best shape of your life...or not, you're going to want to hear what Joe Ames has to say!


We all know that creating, implementing, and sustaining a physical wellness plan is easier said than done. That's why we're connecting with our good friend Joe Ames, fitness guru and corporate retiree, to hear how he made the transition from a corporate career into a life full of health and wellness. 

Join us in a conversation with Joe Ames as he explains how he found his motivations to overhaul his corporate identity to redefine his purpose, align his passion with wellness, and transform his life. We are huge fans of Joe, and he continues to motivate us to keep on improving our health. We can't wait to bring this conversation to you all and perhaps inspire your first step towards a healthier, more energetic, and fulfilled Retirement.


Shift your mindset from a career-centric life to a wellness-centric life


The transition to Retirement can cause a host of shocks to our system. Having a strong physical wellness regimen can help provide the stability and routine many of us desire as we seek to fill the gap left by our careers. Putting ourselves first can be a difficult and unfamiliar step, but becoming wellness-centric will help us overcome many of the challenges in retirement. We'll hear how Joe Ames shifted from a corporate mentality to one focused on his wellbeing, and his advice around building the right mindset for a healthy retirement.


Leverage the positive ripple effects of physical wellness on all aspects of your retirement 


We'll dig in on why Physical Wellness is an essential component of living a Retirement Transformed. Your physical wellness plan should be a proactive effort, not reactive, so you can take greater control of your Retirement Story. Joe Ames will share with us how placing a focus on his physical wellbeing helped him overcome an injury and redefine his purpose in life, segueing into a whole new second career.


Jumpstart an exercise and nutrition program despite engrained life-long habits


We all have habits that have been with us for years, or even decades. Some have worked well for us, and others not so much. Retirement can allow for the bad habits to begin to take over, but Joe will walk us through the advice he gives to individuals looking to revamp and reenergize their retirement wellness plan, and how we can begin to shift or replace those bad habits.


Build a vision that motivates you to take that first step


One of our core beliefs at Retirement Transformed is that visions help motivate change. We'll ask Joe how he took a step back to redraw his vision for life, and how that enabled him to redefine his future even at a later stage in his professional life.

Finding Your Wellness Motivations at Any Age

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