7-Day Challenge

Kickstart Your Retirement Transformation

Join us for this week-long challenge to kickstart your transition into a Retirement full of Purpose, Passion, and Clarity. We'll guide you with daily training videos, a challenge workbook, and real-time discussions on how to get your Retirement on track. All for just $39.99!


We know these seven days can start you on a path to a different type of retirement!


During this challenge you will:

  • Learn the importance of having an open and positive mindset, versus a closed and negative mindset when living in this third phase of life.


  • Learn that there is so much more than just financial security when planning for retirement.


  • Better understand the pitfalls of a traditional mindset. These include; loss of identity when leaving your career, loss of relationships from your work colleagues and the dangers of not having a plan to help you plan the 40+ hours that come your way.


  • Learn a process that includes tools and strategies to manage these pitfalls.


  • Fully understand the power of healthy habits to help you grow, change and create a retirement transformed!

“I just love this 7-day program. You and Mark have given us such a great platform to begin transformation. It was such an amazing experience and I have kept up with my 10,000 steps a day since the first day of our 7-day challenge. I'm on a new path and I love it!” – L.S.

I'm up for the challenge!

“The challenge was fantastic. Loved the tools and the coaching. I’m inspired and ready to begin stacking good habits (after my coffee) and living my vision. Thank you Mark and Jody.” – K.S.

Let's get started!