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Your Retirement Game Plan

This 11-week program will guide you through a series of exercises to evaluate where you stand today and where you'd like to be tomorrow.

Establish the foundation you need to pursue a Retirement Transformed with an actionable plan to help you build the right habits to be your best self.

Course Outline

Part 1: Introduction to Your Retirement Game Plan

Module I: Your Career Highlights
Work to identify what professional and volunteer experiences aligned with your passion and purpose.

Module II: Reflecting on Relationships
Take a look at your key relationships and begin to create clarity around the qualities you seek for those in your inner circle.

Module III: Define Your Strengths & Core Values
Identify the strengths you can leverage in retirement, and the values that will drive you.

Module IV: Health & Wellness
Look at your current health and wellness habits to identify what is helping—and what might be hindering—your wellbeing.

Module V: Visualize Your Retirement Transformed
Build on the work from Modules I-IV to form a vision for your Retirement Transformed. This will serve as your North Star for the rest of the Your Retirement Game Plan course.

Part 2: Your Retirement Game Plan

Module I: Your Physical Health & Wellness Plan
Identify the small habits you can start implementing immediately to make gradual improvements in your physical wellbeing.

Module II: Your Mental Health & Wellness Plan
Identify the habits you can build to get your mind in tip-top shape.

Module III: Your Relationship Plan
Build a plan to effectively invest in your key relationships and build new relationships with those who help you live your best life.

Module IV: Your Spouse/Partner Relationship Plan
Build a plan that gives you clarity around how to enhance your relationship by leveraging this newfound time.

Module V: Your Wisdom Sharing Plan
Create clarity around what’s in your wisdom box and explore ways in which you can share that wisdom with others.

Module VI: Your Retirement Routine
Get our daily, weekly and monthly routine tools to make sure you put your plans into practice. Learn to take uncertainty out of your day-to-day and take control of your time to live a Retirement Transformed.