#61: 3 Major Life Changes 3 Years into Retirement

Season #1

Many of us have an idea of what it means to be retired. And some of what you think it is might be true. Today we are talking about the 3 major life changes we've made now that we are 3 years into retirement. Living in retirement can come with some surprises, changes and things that catch you off guard! This community is all about sharing our collective experiences to help others live whatever their best retirement life is.

Tell us in the comments.... for those of you who are into retirement, how far in are you and what have been some of the biggest changes you've noticed or made due to your own circumstances and retirement lifestyle. We all have a different vision of what we want our retirement to be so hearing from others is a great way to learn and grow from others we identify with! #retirement #retirementadvice #successfulretirement

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